Report fake investors

Unfortunately, not all Angel Investors are genuine and this website is dedicated to exposing those that pretend to be Investors to trick startup founders into paying huge up front fee’s or deposits.

If you are aware of anyone passing themselves off as an Angel Investor, please post details here.

2 thoughts on “Report fake investors”

  1. Have you heard about Ian Lucey of Lucey Technology AKA “The Lucey Fund” in Dublin, Ireland? He’s been pretending to be a tech investor for years and is well known on the local tech scene for charging founders huge up-front fees on the pretence that he is interested in investing in their companies prior to investment. He says he’ll invest up to $ 150,000 in ‘technology services’ in return for a % of a start-up company and then he’ll asks for a large deposit saying that the start-up founder needs to have ‘skin in the game’ if he’s going to invest in them.

    As soon as he gets his upfront payment he says the money was spent on his time looking at the project. With that, you’ve lost your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. His wife Ana Doody is in on it too. She manages his PR and social media to make him look like a genuine investor. He gives talks at start up events to lure people into parting with their cash and says that the Lucey Fund has $750k to invest, but there is no fund, it’s all a front.

    Ian Lucey says he has offices all over the world which is a lie. He works from home and doesn’t pay his staff. If you come across him ask him for proof of funds and references or ask to visit his offices. Contact the companies he says he invested in directly and see what they have to say about him. Do not give him your money.

  2. Is this the Ian Lucey who claims to have ‘invested’ in over 100 start up companies?? That’s a fraudulent claim if ever I saw one. He pretends to have offices in USA, Milan, London and Dublin but the turuth is he’s working out of his house in Dublin and can’t afford to pay his staff. He’s a total fraud. An Irish magazine reported on all the court actions against him by unpaid creditors recently.

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