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Do you know of any fake investors that prey on vunrable start up founders? They pretend to want to invest when all they really want to do is take charge large upfront fees.

Spotlight on fake investor Ian Lucey of the Lucey Fund who claims to invest in Technology startups.

Founders of technology startup companies get very excited at the prospect of an Angel Investor taking an interest in their product or idea. What founder doesn’t want to meet a professional investor that shares their vision, knows how to make their minimum viable product and has all the industry contacts needed to bring that product to market? What founder doesn’t want someone to help to make their dream a reality by injecting cash into their business and helping with their sales and marketing.

Unfortunately, not all Angel Investors are genuine. There are lots of fake investors who BAIT founders by telling them they will invest in their company and than SWITCH to selling them overpriced services.

This website provides a platform for founders to tell their stories to expose those fake Angel Investors that prey on technology startup companies to make huge upfront fee’s and sell overpriced technology services, by pretending they are invest investors.

To report a fake Angel Investor, please use the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Exposing fake investors”

  1. If you know of anybody else masquerading as an investor just post it here. The info will really help others to avoid wasting their time and money on people who can’t help them.

  2. Most investors are probably very genuine people. Sometimes the term “investor” is used very loosely. If you are aware of an “investor” that people should be weary of then let the guys at investorcheck know. It’s the only way of stopping people like this.

  3. a Thai “investor” wanted to invest in my start up. but asked me to pay for an anti-money laundering certificate from the government before he could send me cash. this he claims was required by his country. I investigated and the AML certificate was fake and this was a scam to try to get the $5k!

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